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...tell them how i am defying gravity   
04:21pm 25/08/2004
  So for my birthday the love of my life, ms. alli blum (album) sent me the wicked soundtrack. it reminded me so much of camp, its insane. who knew that cleaning could be so much fun. Remember when i hated camp?? haha yeah, im sure that was fun for all that got to hear about the bitching.

this little livejournal thing started off as a joke. hence the random name. for those of you taht are wondering. its Lick(lauren)My(mallory)Kind(Kate)Fish(Frankie). we couldnt really think of a better acroynm for our names. so there is not supposed to be a sexual inunedo in there at all.

i dont know how to do the pictures and stuff. but i want to learn. its soo fun! i love livejournal. and you still may be getting random journal entries from the other girls.
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What the world needs now...   
11:52pm 24/08/2004
  Is not love. Not peace. But more of me to spread around. Ive officially decided that while there are holidays for our mothers and fathers, there shouldbe an entire day devoted to me. and it should be one that isnt my birthday. so i guess that means it would be 2 days a year devoted to me. ah the world would be my haven, my oyster, my utopia. I am declaring jan. 27th my day. dont forget ya'll. youd be very very dissappointed in yourself.  
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My first live journal experience   
12:37am 24/07/2004
  So this is my first live journal experience. It's kinda wierd, but very intense. I dont know how i can pour my life story onto the internet and hope that everyone reads it and understands me. So, i have this huge crush on this guy. I have no idea if he likes me or not. Today, he leaned in for a kiss but because i wasnt sure of his true feelings, i backed away. We hang out like everyday after school with our friends, but he only talks to me. He calls me daily to check in and see how im doing, and if im upset he tries to make me feel better. I dont know though, i like him so much, i just hope it is reciprocated. I never understood boys, they are almost as confusing as this live journal thing.  
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